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Rep. Lance Kinzer Comments on Teacher Tenure
It should come as no surprise that the KNEA and their willing accomplices in the media have been spreading a lot of misinformation about the teacher tenure/due process aspects of the recent education bill. Here are the facts:

Senate Sub for HB 2506
What the bill does concerning teacher tenure and due process:
  • The bill ensures that any notification of a non-renewal of contract will continue to list the reasons for that decision, as contained in current law.
  • The bill entitles teachers to an administrative due process hearing before a hearing officer within 90 days of notice of a termination or non-renewal of contract if the teacher feels that they were fired for exercising a constitutional right.
  • Teachers seeking a due process hearing for nonrenewal of contract based on exercising a constitutional right will continue to be ensured the right to:
    • have an orderly hearing
    • have a voice in the selection of their hearing officer
    • testify on their own behalf in the hearing
    • a fair and impartial decision based on substantial evidence
  • The bill eliminates the right of a teacher to request a due process hearing simply because they’ve been employed by the district for three years (“longevity.”)
    • Provisions for hearings based on longevity may still be included in teacher contracts under the professional negotiations act.
  • This makes teacher employment contracts similar to classified state employees.
What the bill does not do:
  • It does not eliminate due process rights for teachers.
  • It does not affect the ability of the union to offer collective bargaining negotiations for its members.
  • It does not affect teacher pay scales.

Rep. Lance Kinzer Comments on HB 2453
Just a note to make it clear that I fully welcome any Kansas Senate efforts to make the limited intent of HB 2453 on religious liberty as clear and explicit as possible. One key point that seems to have gotten lost in some of the debate is that the bill creates no right for anyone to deny general services, or otherwise discriminate against, anyone based upon sexual orientation or identity. This has always been the case in the bill and I'd welcome any amendment that states this even more specifically as arguments to the contrary have confused some regarding the focus of the bill. Read more...

Story Covering Kinzer Legislation Named Top Kansas Story for 2013
Changes in Kansas abortion law that Lance Kinzer authored were featured as the top story in Kansas by the Associated Press. The law bans sex-selection abortions, blocks tax breaks for providers and prohibits them from furnishing instructors or materials for public schools' sexuality courses. The new restrictions also affect providers' websites and spell out what information patients must receive before their pregnancies are terminated. Most of the law took effect in July, with lawsuits pending in state and federal court, as the state's legal costs mounted.

For the full story, here.

Comments on Education Spending Numbers: 2012-2013
The Kansas Department of Education has recently posted final spending numbers (all dollars in, not just base state aid) for the 2012 - 2013 school year. A few items of note:

1) State Aid increased from $3,184,163,599 to $3,198,060,481;
2) Total Expenditures on K-12 in KS increased from $5,771,010,808 to $5,852,407,791;
3) Per Pupil Expenditures increased from $12,656 to $12,781;
4) Largely because of the way the (in my view flawed) funding formula is structured Olathe and Shawnee Mission both spent less per pupil than the state average ($11,909 in Olathe, and $12,042 in Shawnee Mission);
5) Of course money is only part of the picture when it comes to education; making sure that we are focused on maximizing educational opportunities for children rather than merely protecting institutional structures is perhaps even more crucial. But understanding the full funding picture is helpful in any event.

Click here for education spending totals

Education Spending Tables
Recently, I received two sets of data from the Kansas Department of Education -- one on Olathe School District spending and one on Kansas as a whole. I would guess the real numbers are significantly different than many have been led to believe.

Olathe School District
Kansas School Spending

A Note from Lance Kinzer
There is a strange blog post going around indicating I said something about women being forced to have babies. Of course I said no such thing. Oddly the Tweet posted by NOW that seems to have got this started does not say this was a quote from me, but I guess someone interpreted it that way. There were over 100 people in the room, Republicans and Democrats and news media when I was talking so the truth is pretty clear. Never said or would say such a thing. Sometimes the Internet can be a strange place.

Rep. Kinzer Reacts to School Finance Opinion
The District Court Ruling on School finance in Kansas today provides, in part, that: "The State of Kansas is hereby enjoined, from performing the unconstitutional act of enacting any appropriation, or directing, modifying or canceling any transfer, or using any accounting mechanism or other practice that would will, or may in due course, affect, effect or fund less than the base student aid per pupil of $4,492."

For Lance's full reaction to the ruling, please click here.

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