Lance in the News
Lance has been featured in a number of news articles over the course of the past year. Here is a sampling, for your reference:

Death penalty reviewed this week by Kansas lawmakers -- Jan. 18, 2010. Kansas City Star.
Kinzer bill would restore tougher sentences for drug offenders -- Jan. 15, 2010. Kansas City Star.
Anti-abortion bill advances -- April 2, 2009. Topeka Capital-Journal.
Bill would add limits -- March 4, 2009. Topeka Capital Journal.
Sebelius vetoes bill imposing new abortion restrictions -- April 21, 2008. Lawrence Journal World.
Sebelius vetoes bill banning coerced abortions -- April 21, 2008. Kansas Liberty.
Sebelius signs gun bill into law -- April 22, 2008. By James Carlson, the Topeka Capital Journal.
Kinzer's abortion bill passes House -- March 18, 2008. By Jack Weinstein, The Olathe News.
Kansas House passes revised illegal immigration bill -- March 28, 2008. By Jeannine Koranda, The Wichita Eagle.
Kinzer Introduces Late Term Abortion Bill -- January 31, 2008. By Jack Weinstein, The Olathe News.
Kinzer: Court bill sees 'no real opposition' -- February 18, 2008. By Kevin Wright, the Olathe News.
Kansas alone in justice selection process -- February 21, 2008. By Jack Weinstein, The Olathe News.
Immigration issues sure to be revisited by lawmakers next year -- Analysis by Carl Manning, Hutchinson News.
Bill would help KBI locate, identify missing persons -- March 3, 2006. Kansas State Collegian.
Tiller inquiry results to be announced -- June 25, 2007. Kansas City Star. by David Klepper.
Abortion opponents announce bill plan -- June 26, 2007. Topeka Capital Journal. by Tim Carpenter.
GOP holds line on spending -- March 16, 2007. Kansas City Star.
Bill Saves Money for Schools -- January 25, 2007. The Olathe Daily News. by Sarah St. John.
Rep. Kinzer Pushes for Tough Funeral Picketing Bill -- Monday, June 12, 2006. The Hutchinson News. by Carl Manning, Associated Press.
Kansas House Bans Tax-Funded Human Cloning -- Kansans For Life Press Release. April 27, 2006.
"Medically Assisted Feeding: Who Decides?" -- Kansas Public Radio. March 6, 2006. Scroll down to "Medically Assisted Feeding: Who Decides?" You can listen to the NPR Report on legislation I have proposed placing limits on the withdrawl of food and water from wards.
Committee considers changing selection of Supreme Court justices -- AP. February 9, 2006.
Lawmakers consider amending constitution -- The Hutchinson News. 9-16-2005.
House freshmen toe hard line -- Lawrence Journal World. July 6, 2005.
Kansas legislators unlikely to ban human cloning -- USA Today/AP. March 17, 2005.
House back to square one -- June 25, 2005.
School Finance Rally. WIBW/AP. Late June, 2005.

Lance discusses Courts, Education in April 15 update
The main portion of the 2008 legislative session has concluded, and you can check out the details of Rep. Kinzer's recent work in his new legislative update by clicking here.

Lance Discusses Immigration, Other Issues in March 28 update
With the debate over illegal immigration come to a conclusion, Rep. Kinzer has issued another Legislative Update discussing that issue, as well as others. Check out the details of Rep. Kinzer's work in his new legislative update by clicking here.

View Lance's March 24 Legislative Update
The legislative session has been a busy one, and Rep. Kinzer has been leading the way on several issues, including on immigration and life. Check out the details of Rep. Kinzer's work in his new legislative update by clicking here.

Appropriations Committee Holds Hearings on Rep. Kinzer’s Bill Promoting Local Control of Education
On February 26 the the House Appropriations Committee held hearings on HB2859. You can read the full release regarding this legislation here.

Olathe News Editorial Exposes Tiller’s Corrupting Influence on Kansas Government
According to the editorial, “Right now, it appears Tiller and anyone associated with him or the governor have carte blanche in Topeka , an no one’s wiling to do anything about it.” To read the full editorial click here.

Rep. Kinzer Continues Work in Topeka
Lance Kinzer continues to work hard and receive recognition for his work...

Rep. Kinzer Leads Effort to Strengthen Law on Inappropriate Student Teacher Relationships - Last week Rep. Kinzer led the debate on the House floor in favor of HB 2191. This bill expands the crime of Unlawful Sexual Relations to include situations where the offender is a teacher or administrator in a K-12 institution and the victim is a student eighteen years of age or older. Under current law Unlawful Sexual Relations may only be charged where the student is 17 or younger. Explaining the need for this legislation Rep. Kinzer stated, “Unfortunately recent events both in Kansas and elsewhere have highlighted the problem of sexual relationships between teachers and students. When such conduct occurs it represent an egregious breach of trust regardless of the age of the student. HB 2191 makes it clear that Kansas will not tolerate teachers who engage in sexual relationships with students.”

Rep. Kinzer Successfully Amends HB 2185 to Prevent Expansion of Current Law Providing In-State Tuition To Persons Without Lawful Immigration Status - Last week the Kansas House debated HB 2185. As originally drafted this bill would have allowed a person without lawful immigration status who qualifies for in-state tuition under K.S.A. 76-731a, to leave Kansas for up to five years, establish residency in a foreign country and then return to Kansas and still receive in-state tuition. During floor debate on HB 2185 Rep. Kinzer offered an amendment to prohibit this expansion of the in-state tuition benefits to persons without lawful immigration status. Rep. Kinzer’s amendment passed the House on a voice vote. Commenting on his amendment Rep. Kinzer said, “Providing in-state tuition to people who lack legal immigration status is bad public policy to begin with. HB 2185 would have compounded the problem by potentially extending in-state tuition to non-citizens who have not resided in Kansas for many years. I’m grateful that my amendment was adopted by the House.”

Rep Kinzer Receives Eagle Forum Eagle Award - On February 26th Charlene Bredemeier of the Kansas chapter of Eagle Forum presented Rep. Kinzer with Eagle Forum’s Eagle Award. Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly authorized the award in recognition of Rep. Kinzer’s “leadership in the battle for God, Home and Country.” For the past 35 years Eagle Forum has worked to enable conservative and pro-family men and women to participate in the process of self-government and public policy making so that America will continue to be a land of individual liberty, respect for family integrity, public and private virtue, and private enterprise.

Rep. Kinzer Recieves 2007 KRA Courageous Conservative Award
Friday evening at its annual Kansas Days Banquet the Kansas Republican Assembly (KRA) presented Rep. Kinzer with its 2007 Courageous Conservative award. Read the full release, including Keith Esau's statement as he presented the award, by clicking here.

Rep. Kinzer to Serve On JCCC Presidential Search Committee
Rep. Lance Kinzer has been appointed to serve as the Johnson County House delegation representative on the Johnson County Community College Presidential Search Committee. The Committee will assist the Community College Board of Trustees in the selection of the new President of the College. Reacting to his appointment Rep. Kinzer said, “Johnson County Community College is a tremendous asset to our community. The selection of a new president who will carry forward the Colleges tradition of excellence is of vital importance. I am honored to have an opportunity to play a role in helping to shape the future of this great institution.

The Olathe News: Kinzer words hard for Olathe
In a strong endorsement, The Olathe News threw their full support behind Lance Kinzer in his bid for re-election. You can view the editorial by viewing the image here or by downloading the PDF.

Rep. Kinzer Carries Jessica's Law Conference Committee Report on House Floor
The Kansas House tonight passed the Conference Committee Report for HB 2576, Jessica's Law. This vote sends the bill to the Governor to be signed into law. Representative Lance Kinzer (R - Olathe) carried this conference committee report on the House Floor. For details, read the full press release.

Representative Kinzer Receives 2006 "Kansas Federalist" Co-Legislator Of The Year Award
During a Ceremony Held at Broadmoor Park in Mission, Kansas, the "Kansas Federalist" Recognized Representative Kinzer for His Commitment to Limited Government and Adherence to Core Federalist Principles of Separation of Powers and Judicial Restraint.

Lance named "Guardian of Small Business" by NFIB
The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Kansas Leadership Council has announced that State Representative Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe) will be awarded that organizations coveted "Guardian of Small Business Award. For details, read the full news item.

Rep. Kinzer Leads Separation of Powers Debate in Kansas House
On Tuesday, March 21, the Kansas House debated HCR 5032, a proposed constitutinal amendment that would reinforce existing Constitutional language clearly prohibiting Kansas courts from ordering the legislature to make appropriations of taxpayer dollars. The confinement of appropriations to the legislative branch under our system of government is not random. It reflects our national ideal that the power of appropriation must be under control of those whose money is being spent. This basic idea was at the very core of why our country came into being in the first place. Rep. Lance Kinzer and Rep. Mike O'Neal lead the floor debate for the proponents of HCR 5032. An excellent summary of that debate, including audio of speeches by rep. Kinzer and Rep. O'Neal (among others) can be found here:

Strengthening Jessica's Law
On Thursday State Representative Lance Kinzer carried HB 2576, better known as Jessica's Law, on the floor of the Kansas House of Representatives. The bill, which is designed to impose tougher penalties on predators who commit sex crimes against children, had been weakened by amendments passed in the House Judiciary Committee. Rep. Kinzer helped lead the fight to restore many of the bills key provisions and to add requirements regarding GPS monitoring of offenders. Despite this success Rep. Kinzer said he believes the bill needs to be strengthened further before the end of the legislative session. In reporting on the bill The Wichita Eagle noted: "Rep. Lance Kinzer, who handled the bill, agreed with Kline and said a stronger bill will emerge from House and Senate negotiations. ‘This is a beginning, not an ending point for us,' said Kinzer, R-Olathe. ‘Some of us are hopeful that we move back to a mandatory 25 for a first offense and mandatory 50 for second offense.'" To read more about this important issue click here.

Information on Jessica's Law
This week the House Judiciary Committee will be voting on 'Jessica's Law" legislation designed to strengthen penalties against sexual predators who prey upon children. This bill would put first time offenders in jail for 25 years without possibility of early release. A second offense would bring a 50 year sentence. This legislation would also strengthen the existing sex offender registration process. To find out about offenders living in your area visit I am especially proud of the fact that many of the measures currently being considered by the legislature emerged out of the work of the Attorney General's Security and Firm Enforcement for Kansas (SAFE) Task Force of which I was privileged to be a member. The full report of the Task Force is available by clicking here: SAFE TASK FORCE REPORT

The Wall Street Journal recently published an excellent opinion piece by Professors Ross Sandler and David Schoenbrod of New York Law School setting forth the folly of judicial edicts directing legislative appropriations in school finance cases. The argument advanced by Professors Sandler and Schoenbrod is identical to the position I have taken on this issue. Their article sheds further light on the crucial importance of passing HCR 5032, the constitutional amendment I have proposed that would reinforce existing constitutional language clearly prohibiting Kansas courts from ordering the legislature to make appropriations. The complete article can be viewed here: Courts Flunk Civics Test

Lance Receives 100% “Public Safety Voting Record”
On December 7, 2005 the Kansas State Trooper’s Association, the Kansas County and District Attorney’s Association, the Kansas Peace Officer’s Association and the Kansas State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, released their public safety legislative grade card for 2005. Lance received a 100% grade -- for more infomration, click here.

Lance Earns 100% Rating from Kansas Taxpayers Network
State Rep. Lance Kinzer recently earned a 100% Vote Rating from the Kansas Taxpayers Network. KTN's mission is to represent Kansas taxpayers at the state and local level by advocating limited taxes and government spending to create a free market environment. Here is a link to the Vote Ratings portion of their website: Kansas Taxpayers Network Vote Ratings

December 2, 2005: Lance Appointed to Vice Chair of Judiciary Committee
Speaker Doug Mays has appointed Lance to Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee. For the full release, click here: Press Release on Kinzer Appointment to Judiciary Committee

We're All in Kansas Now, ToTo
Denis Boyles of National Review Online has written a great article on the School Finance case and the consequences of judicial activism. Please follow the link and forward it to your friend: National Review Online: We’re All in Kansas Now, Toto

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